Metropolitan Academy of Music

A local music school in Mercer Island, Washington  

The Metropolitan Academy of Music is not accepting new students.

We are transitioning into an online learning site called MyPianoclass.com.
MyPianoClass.com will go live on October 1st, 2018.

Mercer Island piano lessons at the Metropolitan Academy of Music in Mercer Island, WA


We teach piano lessons and drum lessons to music students of all abilities and ages.

The Metropolitan Academy of Music began as a school for piano students of all ages. We currently teach piano lessons and drum lessons - in many styles. We teach students how to understand music. Some of our piano students are highly motivated and also learn to compose music.

We are a performance academy and train our students in piano lessons and drum lessons not only to play, but how to get up in front of an audience and perform with confidence. We have a creative approach with live and recorded performances. Students have opportunity to perform many times each year, both for piano lessons and drum lessons.

Adult students taking piano lessons or drum lessons are not required to perform, but our teachers encourage performing so that you can learn to play for others. 

Our teachers are excellent and experienced, and we invest our best efforts for each music student's success.

Our studio is culturally rich.  Many of our piano and drum students are first generation Americans -  their families coming from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, France, Sweden, Finland, Iran, Israel, Dubai, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, South Africa, Mexico, Panama and Uruguay.

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We believe that music lessons should be interesting, rewarding and fun!  Our teachers will show you how to play the music you wish to play, perform with confidence and enjoy learning. Positive teaching techniques help you achieve the best results from your piano and drum lessons.

  • Group Music Lessons
  • We are not teaching group music lessons at this time