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Mitchell Odom is a piano teacher to students of all ages.  He has been a piano teacher for over 40 years.   

He teaches piano and is the Director of the academy. Mitch believes that music should be fun and rewarding. He has a positive outlook and energetic yet low key approach.  His piano teaching expertise and insight are unparalleled.

Mitch's encouragement, compliments and humor make your learning experience fruitful. And after all, isn't this is why we have music lessons - to enrich our lives and help bring us happiness?

Mitch started taking piano lessons at a young age and excelled in music. He was a performer by age ten, professional at fourteen years old and a piano teacher at sixteen. He has been a piano teacher for more than 40 years. 

He a studio musician, composer and producer. His work has been published and performed in more than 50 countries around the world. He was a staff writer for television production companies and has played on albums in Europe, Asia and the U.S. 

Some of his students have become educators, performers and published composers. Most took piano lessons for their own personal enjoyment and growth.    Mitch is an alumni of Chapman University, Oklahoma City University and California State University.

  • Piano teacher for over 40 years
  • Published composer - since 1985
  • Music producer and studio musician in Hollywood and LA
  • Mitch's most influential piano teachers are:

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Vance Nurkala teaches drum lessons.

Vance is a seasoned performer, studio musician and teacher. Vance studied many years with Wayne Oien, who is the best snare drummer in the world. Oien says that Vance's book on drum rudiments is the best there is.

Vance Nurkala has been a drummer and percussionist for over 28 years and a drum teacher for over 20 years, performing in a wide variety of musical styles.  He has taught drum lessons in public schools and is now teaching lessons here at the Metropolitan Academy of Music in Mercer Island, WA, and at our affiliate location, Studio V in Wallingford.

In his youth, Vance performed in marching bands, jazz bands, concert bands and percussion ensembles.  He moved to Seattle in 1993, and has been drumming in the local Seattle music scene with Crybaby, Chill Factor, Stranger By The Minute, iCandi, Idol Eyez., and ML3.  He is currently performing with a Def Leppard tribute band.

Vance is great with his students.   He is patient and an excellent motivator.   His students and their parents love his teaching style.  Best of all, Vance helps his drum students to achieve their best. 

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