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Chosing a Piano Studio


Good teachers care about each student's development and progress.  Music should be fun, especially since it requires students to put in a lot of effort.

We have a commitment for each of our students to learn to read music, feel music, and play with correct technique.   Technique allows musicians to be able to play the notes with less effort, and helps us to achieve the musical and emotional qualities of each piece. Our overall approach to teaching is to mentor each student and teach musicality.


Studying in a real piano studio is the best way to learn, without the distractions that happen at home.  Playing piano on a fine instrument is another benefit.  Interacting with other piano students builds friendships and interest in music.


Our piano studio gives regular performance training to prepare our students to perform their best in any situation.

Students get to practice and perform with teachers and other students, a very important part of being a well rounded musician. It is a joy to watch families' expressions as they see their children grow as promising young musicians.