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Student Achievements

June 12th 2011
Wick Kaminski's Band released their first CD!   The band is called The Color of Controversy and the CD is "Dawn In A Dream World".  The music is very compelling, and Wick performed and wrote the songs along with other band members.  Way to go, Wick!

March 15th 2010
Daniel Shen wins PTA 1st prize!
Daniel won 1st Place for his composition in the regional intermediate division of the 2009 National PTA Reflections Arts Program. Congratulations Daniel!

June 17th 2009
Daniel Shen wins 2nd place in PTA Reflections Contest
Congratulations to Daniel Shen! He was awarded 2nd place in the National PTA Reflections Arts Program contest for our area. Daniel wrote and recorded a wonderful piano piece called "The Festival". We are very proud of Daniel for his achievement!

March 13th 2008
Wick Kaminski's band wins Battle of the Bands
Many of the students at the Academy look up to Wick Kaminski, and rightly so. Wick's band, "Stars and Sixes" won the Mercer Island Battle of the Bands contest at the Boys and Girls Club last week. Their band performed original songs, with Wick playing bass. The contest was decided by audience applause. Go Wick!

March 13th 2008
Alex and Chris Lacrampe co-star in Mary Poppins!
Alex and Chris Lacrampe recently co-stared in the roll of Burt in the Lakeridge Elementary School production of Mary Poppins. Alex played Burt for the first half, and Chris for the second half. Both boys gave outstanding performances with their acting, singing and dancing!

January 29th 2008
Recent Performances: Wick Kaminski, Eric Tootill and Rose Guttman
Congratulations to Wick Kaminski, who performed recently in the High School Steel Drum Ensemble.   Wick arranged one of the pieces for the group.

Kudos to Eric and Rose for their wonderful performances in the West Mercer Elementary Talent Show!    Eric performed Beethoven's Ode To Joy and his playing was surpassed only by his inimitable stage presence.   Rose performed an original version of "Do-Re-Mi" from "The Sound of Music" by Rodgers and Hammerstein. The audience loved it!

Rachel Motz wins 2nd Place Prize!
Rachel entered the 2007 - 2008 National PTA Reflections Arts Program in the Intermediate Division.   She won 2nd Place for her original song, "Pitter Patter".   I am very proud of her for her enthusiasm, creative artistry, good practice habits and her achievement!   Please visit the Photos page on the site to see her award certificate. ~ Mitch